A Knowledge Of Assyria Is Essential For Understand Jonah And Nineveh

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A knowledge of Assyria is essential to understand Jonah and Nineveh. Jonah probably knew that the Assyrians would eventually destroy his nation.

The Roman world background of the life of Christ or the travels of Paul. The privileges of being a Roman citizen, pagan religious practices.

2. The Cultural Gap.

“Culture includes what people think and believe, say, do, and make” (Roy Zuck, Basic Bible Interpretation, p. 79). Zuck goes on to group culture into eleven categories: political, religious, economic, legal, agricultural, architectural, clothing, domestic, geographical, military, and social (p. 80ff). God’s revelation is rooted and grounded in historical fact. The Bible writers were culturally conditioned––they were not automatons. The message from God came to people in terms of their specific cultures and their cultural settings.

Note the historical-cultural settings in these representative texts:
Isaiah 1:1
Jeremiah 1:1-3
Ezekiel 1:1-3
Hosea 1:1

Certain books owe their occasion for writing to historical-cultural events or other factors.

o The Book of Joel: The locust plague o The Books of Ezra and Chronicles: The return from exile and the needs of the new community in Judea o The Book of Lamentations: The fall of Jerusalem o The NT Epistles
1 Corinthians has some purely cultural purposes in writing: (1) Women’s head covering, ch. 11; (2) Eating meat offered to idols, ch. 10; and possibly (3) The situation of lawsuits, ch. 6.

o The Headings of Many Psalms:…
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