A La Carte By Web Based Services Essay

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Nowadays, budget-conscious customers look at ways to avoid paying for expensive bundles cable TV offers. They prefer to choose “a la carte” programming offered by web-based services. “A la carte” approach to programming enables the subscribers to pay for only the channels they really want to watch. Several companies including Verizon, Walt Disney and Viacom provide their customers with content they are interested in without the need of paying for channels they are not willing to watch. No wonder there is a lot of competition between the largest operators in the wireless and cable industry like Verizon, Dish and Comcast.
In 2014 Verizon Communication chief, Lowell McAdam, said that Web and mobile devices require a different approach than traditional cable. He stated that Web and mobile users don’t desire to have hundreds of channels on their wireless device (Albanesius, 2014). Verizon looks into the future and understands the need of implementing changes and satisfying customers. The company wants to move in the right direction and allow their customers to have more control over the programming.
Dish is another company that has made their services more attractive to their customers. The company strives to increase the value of their products and services. Dish offers live local broadcast and channels like ABC Family or ESPN over mobile devices and set-top box. Dish’s customers are now able to access Disney’s Watch ESPN or Watch ABC Family apps making it possible to view live
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