A Lady in a Machine-Shop Essay

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In "A Lady in a Machine-Shop," Susan Bivin Aller uses creativity, determination, and confidence to demonstrate how they led Margaret Knight to succession as an inventor. Knight and her family moved to Manchester, New Hampshire when she was at a young age. At the age of twelve, Knight witnessed a mill worker injured by a steel-tipped shuttle. This motivated her to create a safety mechanism, her first invention, to prevent any further injuries in cotton mills. Knight's mind was built with creativeness and that helped her succeed. As Knight grew up with her brothers, she invented "sleds, kites, and other playthings that?were the envy of all the boys in town." Knight often had a smile on her face when making new items for her brothers. She…show more content…
She yearned for helping people and improving the way of life. Aller also used statistics that demonstrated determination in Knight. At the paper bag company that she was currently working in, Knight was determined to develop a better paper bag, so ?she completed a wooden model and made thousands of trial bags in the factory? to help her. Before she had time to register a patent for the paper bag, a man named Charles F. Annan ?had been spying?he had it copied?patented in his name.? Annan stole Knight?s model and took the credit, after knowing about Knight?s past inventions. Because of Knight?s determination, she tried her best to win her side. After all she have done for her brothers, cotton mills, and the Columbia Paper Bag Company, Knight has built up willpower and courage. When Knight died, ?she held patents for twenty-two inventions and?sixty more?? Even though Knight invented a wide range of items, many more were waiting to have a patent, but never had the chance. Lastly, the most important thing that led Knight to success was confidence in herself. Knight had self-assurance when she was inventing a machine that produced an improved paper bag and ?No one had been able to make such a machine.? When Annan was on his way to get a patent for the model he stole from Knight, ?she hired an attorney, and armed with witnesses, documents, drawings,
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