A Lady's Story - Anton Chekhov

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Name: Professor: Course: A Lady's Story The theme of the story is about love, attraction and responding to obstacles in the course of love. It is true that the course of true love does not run smoothly and this strikes at the heart chords of all who reads it. The story is set between an aristocratic lady Natalya Vladimirovna and a poor man Pyotr Sergeyitch who have a deep affection for one another, during haymaking season which is in the summer months. We feel the youth, energy and freshness of the "warmth" of this season. There is a thunderstorm which is threatening and eventually bursts upon them.…show more content…
It would have been good to see her character well balanced and set on something that was out of her control. She had a lot to learn and had a lot to offer in return. One wise man once said “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not” . Unfortunately Pyotr fell into Natalya's category of a "hero of modern romance which was timid, spiritless, lazy and oversensitive". Pyotr at the end of this story fits this description and looks like a broken man. The story ignites the senses to the past when she smells the hay and has nostalgic, warm feelings towards the past. At this point in the story she realises the true loss of her love and mourns it. We cannot go back in time, we have to live in the present reality. Her father dies, she ages. Her memory remains strong and clear but she see's the present day as cold and bleak. They meet again on her territory at her house and he is staring at the fire and the comfort he is getting from its warmth. In many ways both are driven by the memory of the past. They both long for what had passed away between them and sadly what life refused them now. Rank and wealth are not thought about now in her eyes. She releases her emotions in an outburst of tears, both sharing feelings of sorrow for each other. Could this not have been a perfect opportunity for reconciliation and renewal? This time instead of laughing together they are crying together. She is

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