A Late Summer Night For An Alaskan Vacation

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It’s a late summer night in Florida, but Kate, age twenty-seven, needs resort wear for an Alaskan vacation. Six years ago, in 2010, she would have waited for tomorrow afternoon and headed straight for the local mall. However, today she starts shopping from her bedroom by launching an online chat with her personal stylist Haley, from Trunk Club. The stylist recommends several items, superimposing photos of them onto Kate’s avatar. Kate rejects a few of the items that her stylist suggests, but quickly switches to another browser tab to research the customer reviews and prices elsewhere. After a minute or two, Kate finds better deals on a couple of the items at another retailer, and orders them. She buys one item from Trunk Club online and then schedules a time for tomorrow to drive to the Trunk Club lounge nearest her, for the in-stock items she wants to try on. This scenario is fictional, but it’s neither as fanciful nor as futuristic as some may think. All the technology Kate used is already accessible to the public and within a matter of years, much of it will be ubiquitous. With an abundance of quick information, near-perfect price transparency, and the convenience of twenty-four hour availability, online shopping seems to be a dream for many consumers. However, it’s feeling more like a nightmare for many conventional retailers, those worried about security, and some “tree-huggers”.For centuries, people have marked in their minds and written on their to-do lists to make…
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