A Leader : A Transformational Leader

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A transformational leader, being charismatic, is interested in helping their followers to develop their own skills, so they can be independent workers. Personally, my leadership assessment (Capella University, n.d.) was very accurate. It also closely matches my parenting and partner style, especially the enabler component. In most of my work career years, I have been in the position of training or teaching employees and students, to work independently, so that we as a team, could reach our goals (Smith, 2015). In assessing my past, I find that this is the style I prefer the most when I am not in the role of manager or leader. I am very opened to being inspired. In my last two volunteer events, I worked directly with the managers of the American Lung and Red Cross Associations, and found them to be very charismatic which led me to follow them, enabling the ease of training with them, so I could work independently or with them as a team, when needed. According to Al-Sawai (2013), the transformational leadership highlights that, people will work successfully when given a clear goal to reach, especially when the leader is disseminating information in an expressive way as to create a team with resolve. It is then, that this type of leader has influenced and motivated his team to carry on independently with their own sense of wanting to finish strong. One of my strengths as a leader, is wanting to enlighten others, helping them to find their own spark and
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