A Leader Is A Transformational Approach Essay

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Towards to the Followers
Aside of the effects of a leader is being a transformational approach leader to successfully finish a subject . The subordinates ‘ level of following the order is another major factor that make transformational approach the most efficiency leadership approach. As the being leaded party in 21 century , followers need inspiration and motivation to complete their task , individuals ‘ rights and benefits are the main task always bring up the discussion within society .As long as the motivation of the followers’ awareness of the benefits form the objects got ensure , the quality of the subjects are guaranteed as well . Besides , one important condition to achieve the successful team work is that the team has a consequential and clear purpose (Hackman and O’coonor, 2005 ) . Regards to the benefits that followers would receive , servant leadership approach are actually focus on the needs and wants of the followers , also develop the subordinates’ fullest potential . Furthermore , the difference between servant and transformational approach would be the focus points , as in servant approach is focus on the followers whilst the transformational approach is target at the organization.( Gregory Stone , Russell and Patterson , 2004 ). In another word , the followers’ benefits are the outcome of transformational approach during the process of achieving the organization ‘s goals . Therefore , the question of whether transformational approach can be effective
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