A Leader Is One Who Knows The Way

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John C. Maxwell once said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” This was true for Ulysses S. Grant as he commanded armies and led a nation with his undeniable leadership skills. In his youth, Grant worked in his father’s tannery, skinning animals for leather. The work conditions were terrible, and Grant hated it. However, “During these years he developed the qualities that later marked him--fearlessness, self-reliance, resourcefulness, determination” (“Ulysses Simpson Grant”). These qualities would help form the powerful leader he is known as. Ulysses S. Grant’s father, Jesse, had high hopes for his son. He secured a spot for his son in the United States Military Academy. Grant got a free education there in exchange for military time. This led him to support America in the Mexican-American War: “He served two years in Missouri and Louisiana, and in September 1845 joined Gen. Taylor 's small but efficient army. At Monterey he participated, as the only mounted man, in the charge of his regiment and repeatedly distinguished himself, making at one time a dash, mounted, through the city held by the enemy to obtain ammunition for the troops...from the war Grant emerged a first lieutenant and brevet captain” (“Ulysses Simpson Grant”). As shown, at an early age, Grant entered war and learned many military tactics, and was prepared for the much bigger conflict between the North and the South. Ulysses S. Grant should be viewed as one of America 's

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