A Leader Is The Position Held By A Person Who Leads A Group Of People

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Leadership can be defined as the position held by a person who leads a group of people, the head of the group. A leader makes decisions for the group they are leading, hopefully based on what is best for the group. One of the roles of a leader is to influence and shape the members of the group to be more like them or to encourage the people to do something different. Leadership can go hand-in-hand with heroism; however, not always. Heroism can simply be defined as being very brave and courageous. A hero is a person who is praised for their bravery, courageousness, and honorable qualities. Most people connect heroes with the modern superheroes like Batman, Superman, or Spiderman; however, there are many other people that can be classified as heroes. Not only do people tend to associate heroes with modern-day movie characters but they also typically classify heroes as men as well. Through the reading of The Thousand and One Nights it can be concluded that it is not necessarily the case that men can only be heroes. Women can be heroes and leaders as well. Leaders can influence or sway people to believe and do things different than what they previously have thought or done. A leader can be a positive influence or a negative influence. Through the reading of the Epic of Gilgamesh, it can be determined that not every leader is a good leader. Some leaders can influence people in a negative way or abuse their power in their position. A prime example of a respectable leader and great…
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