A Leader Of Mine By George Washington

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Looking back to an inspiring leader of mine, George Washington, I see a man that was able to influence other to do great things that ultimately formed the United States after overcoming great odds against Great Britain. He was a transitional leader that was able to accomplish great things for which I idol him for that especially in a time where I do not see any true great leaders of George Washington’s caliber. I aspire to be a great leader in my future and I have been working toward this goal ever since high school. It is important to understand who you are and where you can improve as a leader because it will be important as you leader others and attempt to shape a business, a country, or a large group of people across the world. This assessment will determine my strengths and weaknesses as a leader by providing detailed examples based off of my perspective. It will relate my leadership ability to my personality and go into describing how my leadership relates to the Trait Approach, Skills, Approach, Behavioral Approach, Situational Approach, and Psychodynamic Approach. Further explaining how each of these leadership approaches is integrated to define leadership and how an individual is a leader through personal qualities and how they influence others to impact organizations. I am not a perfect leader and will go into depth about my flaws and my personal action plan for overcoming my shortfalls in order to become a better leader. Through a thorough personal analysis and a
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