A Leader Of Ministry Is No Easy Task

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Being a leader in ministry is no easy task. We must be aware of God’s action and be able to point it out to others, guiding them in the faith. We are pastors everywhere we go and in everything we do. We are “Coworkers with Christ,” taking part in His reign on our lives.

God is identified as the creator and the one we look to in ministry. Before the beginning of time, he was here. He created us and He knew our names even before the earth was started. The one who put His plan of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation into place. He created the heavens and the earth, all creatures, and us. God knew Adam and Eve, the first people He made, would give in to temptation. Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, made creation fall into sin and darkness. He knew that through sending His son Jesus Christ, all of creation would be saved through Him. Then He would proceed to make His new creation.

This is God’s ministry. Everything he does in the world and in us is all for His glory. God executed His unfailing plan of saving the world and its brokenness through Christ. Jesus was sent down to earth as a human to die on the cross by God to carry out His plan of redemption.You are saved through Jesus dying on the cross. Christ is the agent of God’s ministry. We don’t have to choose God because God already chose us. The only thing that involves you in ministry is the recognition of what God has done and is doing.

We are all a part of God’s story. Trinity’s mission…
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