A Leader Of My Writing

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A Leader of My Writing
As far as the connections are Greek life helped me understand different parts about my writing. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone, I learned to communicate better with other people and learned to have fun with others around me. My social life during high school is a complete 180 from what it is now. Greek life has aided me in realizing how my writing can be altered in a same fashion as my social life has matured.
From Greek life, I met a variety people and had the opportunity to see different perspectives to each person. During my times in high school, I never socialized with many people, except for my closest friends. From this, I grew very single minded coming into college. The faces some people portrayed was
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Many of the poems, I selected in the anthology reminded me of approaching death and the time fading. Seeing these different perspectives in other people helped me realize the different insight and angles at which poems can be understood.
Improving my social skills, required revisions on my part. I learned that if I changed certain ways to myself people will enjoy my presence more. I then put what I learned from myself and used it towards my writing. I learned to be direct and succinct, approaching a person and introducing myself rather than taking outlandish calculations to meet by coincidence. Similarly in my writing, I learned to revise my essays with a direct approach. Before English 1302, I often felt the need to “prep” up my writing and add “fluff.” However, this lead to me add a superfluous description to the extent where my main argument did not go through. Thus I within my revision exhibit I portray how I learned to be more direct and clear. I improved my word choice in order to create a point and support it and reduce repetitiveness to cut straight to the point. Changing my grammar in order to make my essay more readable and fluent. Word choice is often important in conversations and essays. Using proper words explain the author’s main argument. Many times I felt that my word choice is poor but I learned to improve my interpersonal skills by talking with more people and
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