A Leader That Inspired Me

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For twenty five (25) years I worked in city / county management in high level administrative positions such as Assistant City Manager, Interim City Manager, Deputy County Chief Administrative Officer, and County Chief Operating Officer. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with many excellent leaders as well as my fair share of not so excellent leaders.
One leader that inspired me, and that I consider it to have been an honor to work for, was Fred Siems. Fred was city manager for the City of Blue Springs for more than thirty (30) years and then joined Jackson County as the Chief Administrative Officer. He was recruited to Jackson County by the elected County Executive to “professionalize” the government, as was I. While I
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In direct contrast to Fred was a city manager that I worked with at the City of Lee’s Summit named John Pinch. John had the need repeatedly tell people how qualified he was to hold his position and had a habit of exaggerating his experience. His mantra was that our job as his management team was to make sure he “wasn’t hit by a mack truck” which mean he didn’t want to be blindsided. On many occasions he would pace in my office to share with me a question that had been posed by a council member, and he would proceed to practice his answer. The problem was that typically the answer he was practicing was not complete or accurate. Between his arrogance and dishonesty, he was a very unlikable manager in a leadership role and did not have the support of his management team. On one occasion he required the management team to attend an offsite team building exercise which was a canoe trip. He had failed to tell the Mayor and Council the entire team would be out of the city for the day and when he was questioned by them and understood they were upset, he lied and told the Council that the entire management team went voluntarily and took a vacation day to attend. Both were untrue and then to cover his lie, he had the Human Resources Department deduct a vacation day from each management team member. This later came to light and John was asked to leave his position with
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