A Leader Who Inspired Me

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1. I always assumed that leadership was more on how you managed people. If I accomplished the days tasking successfully, I felt I led my people properly. After making Chief Petty Officer (CPO) in 2010, I started to see that leading was not managing and vice versa. As a CPO, it was not just about “me” but more about those under me. Eventually when I advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO), things finally clicked on what leadership meant. I also started to realize what kind of leader I was and how I wanted to lead. Now after almost 21 years of active duty service, I can confidently state that leadership is about people and taking care of those people. It is not selfless and you must practice what you preach. If you lead by example and…show more content…
I also need to improve on how I take those organizational goals and show how they line up with our own as a team. By making these improvements, my team will have better buy in and understand each of their roles they play for our goals and the organizations too. 3. As I mentioned, I tend to sit behind my desk too much. Part of that issue is when new members check in and how I interact with those who have been working for me for years. Because of this, the members who work for me do not know what appeals to me. I’ve never made it known to them what appeals to me for the future. This just happens to be my second LPI/360 behavior I need to improve on. I tend to be a reserve SCPO and a very private one at that. When my folks try to get to know me, I do not give them much information. For me, I always thought it was a burden and should not have anything to do with leading. I always felt that this is the military and as a senior leader, I should not let my folks know what makes me tick. I realize that this is a mistake and by changing this behavior, I can share my plans of the future to show those under me how I use strategic thinking and how it can benefit them. Especially since most of the men and women who work for me are upwards of 20 years younger than me, I need to improve on discovering
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