A Leader 's Leadership Style

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Communication is defined as a means of connection between people or places, in particular. Communication and leadership go hand in hand. A leader must be able to effectively communicate with the people who follow them in order to accomplish their vision. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the most well known theories when speaking of what motivates individuals. The ability for leadership and management to effectively motivate others can create a team that is successful. There are many leadership styles however, there is no one perfect style according to experts. A leader’s leadership style defines the way in which they lead a team by motivating, giving direction and sharing their vision. Leadership tactics and technique…show more content…
By using Maslow’s theory of human motivation leaders can recognize which needs have been met and how to motivate their followers to achieve the next level. The first level on the hierarchy are physiological needs, the most important part of this level for leaders and followers are wages. Organizational leaders have the ability to motivate people with wage increases and bonus programs in order to motivate individuals to the next level. Another physiological need in the work place is to provide the equipment necessary for employees to do their jobs as well as provide a clean and healthy work environment (Sandri and Bowen, 2011). The next level of Maslow’s hierarchy is safety. For leadership management this includes providing health benefits as well as retirement plans where they match contributions (Sandri and Bowen, 2011). By doing so it helps employees feel there is a long term sense of security and are then motivated to be loyal and hard working. The need to feel loved and belonging are the third tier on the hierarchy of needs. This can be accomplished by allowing co-workers and leaders to collaborate on tasks. When individuals feel they are part of a team they feel as sense of belonging and can them move to the fourth tier. On this next level employees are motivated by the fulfillment of esteem. This, in my opinion, is a level that is often forgotten yet
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