A Leader 's Personal Life

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When leading up there must be clear and concise directions. Priorities must be set and energy is a must to ensure that those goals are accomplished. A leader’s personal life can at times get misplaced in the workplace, but as a leader, they should know when to separate their personal to professional lives. In the event, the leader is unable to separate the two, the direct reports will not listen to their instructions, and respect will be lost. If a decision is based on the leader letting their personal emotion dictate their actions, credibility will be lost within their chain, in the event that happens they will no longer be leading but rather taking a stroll. Equally important, leading up requires self-reflection, which is a…show more content…
Additionally, be aware of the leader’s time as it can be quite difficult for them. Often time’s leaders will have multiple meetings, tasks, and projects that they are handling simultaneously. Requesting a meeting with the chain, the leader must ensure that they have done all the research and get the facts prior to the meeting. Time should not be wasted when meeting with the chain on the minuscule trivia as it is non-productive and time was wasted when attention needed to be paid elsewhere. Most leaders are good decision makers, but many times they are unable to make a decision because the lack of information. (Maxwell, The 360° Leader, 2005, p. 127) Leaders are in their role because their chain had observed their potential in making sound judgments, for the good of the employees and the department. Leaders should not have to ask their chain on a constant basis what they should do rather they need to have something in place on what they feel would benefit all involved. Lead Across Mutual respect must be given to the leader’s peers. Everyone is on the same team and each leader can help the other. Leaders must listen to their peers’ opinions about an issue and not automatically think they have the answer, therefore, everyone must follow them. With this in mind, the leader will be disrespecting their peers and
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