A Leadership Challenge Occurred With My Current Director

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A leadership challenge occurred with my current director during one of our staff meetings. The meeting was between the director, the 3 program leads, and our training and curriculum specialist. These meetings occur weekly and are used to discuss current events in the center (special events, parent involvement, staff issues, children moving up to new rooms, etc.). During this particular meeting the director asked our thoughts on moving up 3 particular children from the toddler room to the preschool room. Both of my daughters attend the childcare center I work at and one was in the class being discussed, so I am an employee as well as a parent of this center. I stated my opinion speaking as a lead, “I don 't think they should move up just yet because there are too many children enrolled in the preschool room and it may be overwhelming for the younger children." She laughed and said, "I should have asked everyone else but you! Of course you want to keep them there, you don 't want your child to leave her teacher! You don 't count in this one, you 're a parent!" She could have meant this as a joke. She could have really thought this, but the fact that she discounted my opinion in front of my peers (joke or not) really upset me. Later that day she asked my daughter 's teacher her thoughts. She echoed my sentiments and said the same thing I mentioned in the meeting. My director went with her decision saying, "This teacher only had the children in mind." This insulted…
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