A Leadership Development Of The Church

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ENACTING A LEADERSHIP PIPELINE IN THE CHURCH Most churches have leadership positions that, by default, become vacancies for the enlisted warm body to assume. Intentionality is absent or obfuscated by the activity of the church and the apparent lack of vision clarity. Developing a pipeline comes from a convictional mandate to multiply as leaders and facilitate depth of discipline. The first step in the strategy to enact a leadership development plan is to embark on the journey through prayer.

Embark Through Prayer Prayer is the penetrating activity of a leadership expansion strategy, from inception and continuing as a foundation throughout. Leadership development apart from God is nothing more than a ladder of accomplishment within the ranks of a local body of believers. Daniel Im states, "Christian leadership is not taking secular leadership and baptizing it into the church." Essentially, Christian leadership sprouts from the call of God on a believer 's life to move from doing the things of scripture to training others to do and further equip. One cannot pursue an endeavor of this magnitude, assume success, without the practice of prayer by the originators of the idea, but also of the early coalition that will first grasp the urgency of this strategy. Finally, prayer is the catalyst for checking motivation, ego, and the root thrust of moving forward.

Being the Example Pride exhibits in a pastor 's clasped hands of control and insecurity, the essence of which is moving…
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