A Leadership For Authentic Learning

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Leadership for Authentic Learning

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to outline authentic learning in a Catholic school context and to put forward leadership approaches that school leaders can employ to help build a teacher’s capacity to provide authentic learning experiences in their classroom. The moral dimension of leadership in this context will be explored as will a transformational leadership style, which can bring teachers together to achieve a common vision for learning. A further key to leading authentic learning is that of leaders having a strong level of educational knowledge, where teachers are confident that their leaders can support them with curriculum and pedagogy. Authentic Teaching and Learning in a Catholic School Context Authentic learning involves the development of the whole student so that they can become capable human beings with a capacity to contribute to society in a positive way. This learning allows students to develop an understanding of the purpose of their education and to appreciate the relevance of learning areas in life outside of school. Authentic learning allows students to develop their own personal meanings relevant for them in their context (Duignan, 2007). The Australian Curriculum itself acknowledges the importance of lifelong learning in developing students’ knowledge and skills to participate in the Australian community to become active and informed citizens and successful learners. The curriculum further aims to be…
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