A Leadership Of A Workplace Setting I Gathered Insight Directly From A Prior Supervisor

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To better define a leader in a workplace setting I gathered insight directly from a prior supervisor. His personal approach along with my own perception of a leader will be conveyed within the text. The primary inquiry was how he himself sees leadership. He conveyed that his mindset was the same as that of a shepherd leading a flock. He wanted to guide by the means of trust and respect, not by force. This aligns with the biblical shepherd who tends for his flock and seeks out any which may go astray. Within the parameters of the workplace, the organizational goal would be the direction which associates are led towards. As a leader gaining approval by respect and not through force is a component I very much support. I do not believe…show more content…
This will require understanding of those who are appointed under one’s supervision. Are they intrinsic or extrinsic driven, do they fall into the category of theory x or y associates, are they engaged with the position, or have they strayed from the goals which drive them? My prior supervisor made it clear his method for rerouting an associate who isn’t performing up to standards, is to clarify to them that the accountability will fall on their shoulders. I wouldn’t follow this same form of blunt approach, this to me is a forced manner of change. By informing workings of the consequences from their actions this rears, fear and anxiety at the workplace and plants the seed for a theory x associate. I would try to partner and reiterate that as a leader I am merely a teammate with an enhanced title. I would make the team or individual understand that I take full responsibility for the shortcomings and then spend the personal time needed to improve. The emotional relationship I established with each also would allow me to gauge their personal feelings and use what drives them most to realign back quality performance. The simple intent of success alone within reality will not always guarantee success. Times will arise where performance challenges are too great and decisions have to be made to rectify the issue. One of the greatest
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