A Leadership Profile of American Project Managers.

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Title: A leadership profile of American project managers.
By: Zimmerer, Thomas W., Yasin, Mahmoud M., Project Management Journal, 87569728, Mar1998, Vol. 29, Issue 1

This paper reports the results of a survey of senior project managers. The results clearly and unequivocally identify positive success and negative leadership as the cause of project failure. The characteristics of leadership are further identified, as well as the projectmanagement tools that are most useful and most often used. It can be concluded that organizational effectiveness requires projectmanagers to combine their technical competency with the ability to develop and display leadership.

Keywords: leadership; organizational effectiveness; project
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Companies can create an aggregate plan that allows them to assign practices to theirprojects with an estimate of needed resources ... managers can eliminate congestion and long hours by evening out workloads" (Alder, Mandelbaum, Nguyen, & Schwerer, 1996). (See also Jungen & Wowalczyk, 1995.)
Bob Lewis (Info World, 1996) sets forth the five keys that he believes differentiate successful projects from the others: scope control; regular, concrete, reasonable results; weekly status meetings; team buy-in to the plan; and walking around.
Project management is considered a vital tool for the implementation of business process reengineering. "Project management allows organizations to break things down into simple processes and assign these activities and modules to individuals. This approach helps organizations identify existing built-in dependencies among processes ... A multidimensional forum for enterprisewide visibility is essential and will lead to significant productivity and cost savings. ... Project management is the organizational 'glue ' that binds together dispersed, high accountable teams throughout the organization. Teams will seek and demand a framework to ensure their success under the new rules of rapidly changing intensely competitive markets. Project management provides the framework, encourages dispersed leadership and provides visibility of effort to stakeholders throughout the organization" (King 1996). Clearly, project

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