A Leadership Theory Based On Values And Teamwork

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Moving an organization from stagnation in a new direction can be challenging. Leaders are often faced with a variety of employee commitment they must navigate and everything becomes enhanced when leadership is new. For leaders to lead a continuously changing organization they must establish a foundational leadership theory based on values and teamwork that fit within the organization and the leaders own skill set. Foundational Theories The leaders must understand how the world is changing in relation to the organization and how to relate their desires for success to possible changes (Allen and Strathern, 2003). At times the first intervention must be to shake leadership reality to the possible for change as leaders can get caught in the routine of something that is working, success can build complacency. If leaders are satisfied with the way things are there is no vision for the future and change that could be made to keep the organization relevant may pass by. An organization that know who they are and their values must uphold those values, making decisions based on who they are as organization. The values of the organization guide the changes that are made. If employees and the organization are working to achieve the same goal with the same values then leaders should be able to allow employees opportunity to engage in change (Ford, 2006). If leadership trusts its employees they then can invite them into the change process as both are making decision based on organizational
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