A League Of Their Own Narrative Analysis

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This section employs narrative analysis to the story A League of Their Own in order to highlight the moral of the film that women have a choice over their future and do not have to be stay-at-home mothers. Once again, “a story needs a plot with a beginning, middle, and end” (Sellnow, 2014, p. 60). Dottie and Kit’s story begins in the small farm town where they work at the dairy and play ball for fun. During a game, a recruiter takes notice of Dottie, then from there, Dottie and Kit’s baseball career takes off. Their upward progression proves that anything is possible. Tensions run high between sisters Dottie and Kit. Kit hates how good Dottie is at baseball and does not believe that Dottie wants to even be on the team. All the while, Dottie does not understand Kit’s frustration. Dottie tells Mr. Lowenstein she is leaving if she is not put on another team. Instead, Kit gets put on another team.
The climax of the story is reached, Dottie and Kit have a critical conversation where they share their true feelings with one another. It is at this moment that Dottie realizes she really does not know why she is still in the league. In relevance to the moral, Kit is expressive about her love for baseball, while Dottie seems to detach herself. She knows that when her husband comes back from the Army, she must go back to him because, sticking to the bandwagon, Dottie believes she should remain a housewife. Meanwhile, Kit does trust this outlook on life and she accepts the view that she can choose a different course for her life. During this confrontation, the audience is able to see the split of ideals of what one’s life should reflect. They can see that Dottie is stuck in the mindset of staying home and raising children, while Kit is up-to-date with modern society by understanding that there is so much more to her life than what society says she should be.
In examination of the text, one of the first steps is to describe the setting (Sellnow, 2014, p. 55). The story takes place in a small farm town in Oregon where no one really makes anything of themselves. Dottie and Kit leave this setting to demonstrate that taking chances and following one’s dreams can make their life great. Dottie and Kit go against the norm of
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