A Learning Organization Focused On Continuous Improvement Of Student Learning

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- Identify and select appropriate strategies that assure faculty and staff will work as a learning organization focused on continuous improvement of student learning. This skill is important for student learning development, because of finding effective strategies enhance faculty and staff to work together to meet organization goal that improve student learning. Moreover, that’s lead to spend time on problem identification and build an effective solution to evolve student learning. Faculty and staff are significant key work for student learning improvement. - Analyze and determine appropriate strategies that enhance a school’s climate and support student engagement in learning. That skill is important for a school leader because of enhancing a school’s climate seek to provide equitable opportunities for all students. However, supporting student engagement in learning is important to motivate all students and improve student learning. - Evaluate and apply effective strategies that creates high expectations for student learning gains. This is the biggest step change for the better. It is important to evaluate strategies before apply it, that help student to meet learning need. However, it is important for student to identify and apply a new strategy that enhance student success. - Identify and discriminate among effective strategies that engage faculty and staff in order to improve academic performance and close achievement gaps among subgroups. Closing achievement
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