A Leave For A College Essay

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Eric Knebel
Mrs. Schweinfurth
Advanced Composition
A Leave for a College
When the Constitution was written, few opportunities were had to learn about presidential candidates. Become of that; the job for the Electoral College to choose the President. Appointed by their states, better educated individuals had strong votes, for the average citizen was deemed not capable of an informed decision. From the natural upbringing of technology and service industries, we have mass media at our fingertips. We have the ability to look up candidates, their platform, hell, maybe even what they ate for dinner. The Electoral College is an outdated service now distorting the sheeple of our generation, giving higher power to smaller states, distorting the media, excluding campaigns, etc. No equality within the vote.
Each state’s electoral votes are equal to the number of members it has in the House and Senate combined. A lesser-known fact is that first, it gives more power; more weight to votes casted in small states. Force within candidacy is created when focus is conducted from sparsely populated states they would otherwise ignore. More than twice the electoral votes are given to seven states per citizen of California. A resident of Wyoming being well over three times. 12 States + DC totals 44 votes; Illinois gets 20 - 12 v. 1. If aware, how long would California stand for this? Surely it doesn’t matter to Wyoming. In the US Senate, less populated states already get more
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