A Lecture On Natural Versus Synthetic Hormones

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Obviously infatuated with her work, Dr. Bronson, a PhD in biochemistry, presented a short lecture on natural versus synthetic hormones in our diets. Starting off with a brief introduction about herself, Dr. Bronson is a University of Denver graduate with her doctorate in biochemistry. She currently works in the Aspen on the subject of orthomolecular biochemistry. In her more formative years, Dr. Bronson specialize in spectroscopic chemistry analyzing the molecular compounds that make up natural hormones and synthetic hormones, looking at how they are broken down by the human body and processed. Going on to mention that while synthetic hormones may in some cases benefit a person, it is more likely that their diet is lacking in specific nutrients and vitamins they need which may be the main cause of the problem. The simple answer to most clinical prognoses currently is simply a better diet. Building on that a majority of psychological disorders are over diagnosed and medications overprescribed, mainly psychopharmaceuticals. Dr. Bronson believes that this has become an even larger problem in the past 15 to 20 years where prescription drugs have shot up by over 4000%. This has led to psychiatry becoming focused on what medications will fix the individual instead of talking through the issue and trying to fix it without chemical intervention. Change to focus more on the brains and what happens at neural synapse points, Dr. Bronson explain how the signal input is changed into

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