A Lesson Before Dying By Ernest J. Gaines

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No matter what your situation is, everyone is a student and a teacher in their own discoveries about the lessons of life. As hard as it can be to assimilate in a situation where you 're at a disadvantage, Grant Wiggins and Jefferson took the jaundiced community and made their mark on the static populace. Everyone deserves the right to grasp certain basic lessons, even if it is not encouraged in your society. As the title implies, in A Lesson Before Dying, by Ernest J. Gaines, Grant and Jefferson acted as both the teacher and student in order to show each other how to break the vicious cycle and discover how their roles play and affect the unjust community of Bayonne. They had to take on these roles themselves or else there would be no change in their community. Initially it could be thought that Jefferson couldn’t be anything more than one of the African American field workers stuck in the vicious cycle of Bayonne, but his progression made him a distinguished teacher. To begin with, he refused to eat Miss Emma’s food, he stared at the wall of his holding cell, and ignored interaction with everyone. There was little hope for Jefferson as he took on the characteristics of the hog he was once called. By his own defense attorney calling Jefferson this word, it portrayed that society as a whole saw him more as an animal than human. Despite that, he emerged as a mindful man, acquainted with the layers of society, and able to be the teacher that Grant needed. By Grant looking at
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