Essay on A Lesson Before Dying

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Erika Seda
AP English
2 February 2012
A Lesson Before Dying

4. The novel A Lesson Before Dying is centered on a man who has no faith or real religious belief. His lack of interest in God or church greatly affects his aunt and the Reverend, but as the novel progresses the reader in turn finds that the main character, Grant, does indeed acquire some sense of religion in his own way. As the novel reaches its climax and Grant builds a stronger relationship with Jefferson he allows himself to have a limited religion. Its “limited” in the sense that Jefferson is the one who inspired him to believe in something, but he refuses to believe in the same God that those who convicted Jefferson believe in. The personal growth of not only
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The Reverend was able to use religion as his defense mechanism when going into battle against the white man’s “justice”. This system was one that did not base the verdict on the situation but instead on those involved in the situation and how they looked. The Reverend Ambrose resolved this situation by using religion to his advantage. Instead of choosing to worship a different God or in a different manner, he chose to freely believe in God and encourage others to do so as well. In doing so he proved not to be inferior to the white man and by standing up to them became an example for others to follow. Faith has become a non-violent weapon for African-Americans because it allows for the community to come together as a whole and show how powerful of a people they are in unison. By expressing their faith they are showing that they are not inferior to the white people and that social equality may not be acceptable in the eyes of a white man, but religious equality is something that can be gained as more people become active believers. The more African-American people become faithful the more united they will become allowing for them to overcome the racism they are faced with.

8. A Lesson Before Dying follows the life of a man who is at first obligated by his aunt to frequently visit a man facing execution. This obligation starts off as a nuisance and turns into a
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