A Lesson Before Dying: the Electric Chair

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Spencer Kutsche English 10 Mr. Kurz 1B The Electric Chair Do you know what the electric chair is? Is it a chair that is guaranteed death, a chair that kills all of our corrupted criminals, or is it much more than that? The electric chair is called the “Strap-o-lounger,” the “Barcalounger,” the “we care chair” and the “be sweet chair” by jail and prison employees. Yet, the inmates and their lawyers call it the “Torture chair,” the “Slave chair,” and the “Devils chair.”(Cusac, Anne Marie) Is the electric chair even a fair death penalty or is it too much? Why and how do we even use the electric chair? Has any executions with the electric chair gone wrong? I will tell you all these answers you want to know. The electric chair came…show more content…
Willie tried to convince the judge that the electric chair was a cruel and unusual punishment but it didn’t work. He was sentenced to death again and this time it worked. The only problem was he was an innocent man. Justice Leader J. Shaw, Florida Supreme Court, wrote, “The electric chair with its attendant smoke and flames and blood and screams, it’s a death penalty plus. So why do some states still use the electric chair? Nebraska and Alabama only use the electric chair, while most states give the inmates a choice of methods. Most executions when completed the room smells like burning flesh and there are even an occasional smoke and blood. This method has been argued as inhumane because when the execution is taking place the brain is boiling at 135-145 degrees. How is that humane? Vetinary associations no longer use electricity to euthanize animals yet we do and shouldn’t humans be treated just as good if not better than animals? (Weinstein, Henry)Not to mention the generator of the electric chair is suppost to be the most obscene and horrific sound you’ve ever heard. As Jefferson says in A Lesson Before Dying, “I heard two jolts but I never looked up, I will never forget the sound of that generator as long as I live on this earth.”(Gaines, 254) These chairs have also taken many innocent lives so there is absolutely no reason why they should still be alive. The electric chair is much more than anyone has ever expected. Its torture and cruel way off
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