A Letter For The County Commissioners

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, not to support the proposal, in a letter to the county commissioners. When he wrote the letter he kept in mind the offers, and intentionally wrote a more favorable letter to the county commissioners. Overall, the issues were caused by the hospital’s financial status and the FCHP representative’s generous bribes to Dr. Wood. There are two different issues depicted in this case study. The first issue is shared between all of the hospital physicians, including Dr. Wood, the leader of the group. They are able to resolve the issue, of whether or not to accept the FCHP proposal to manage the hospital. They are able to make a concise agreement to object the proposal, with the help of Dr. Kopper’s background information. The second issue is only faced by Dr. Wood, and develops when he is offered bribes by the FCPH representative, in exchange for a supportive letter to the county commissioners. In Case 28 and Case 30 both leaders face more than one issue, however, they were not similar. Both leaders are also impacted by their communication strategies, and inability to fully collaborate with those that they are leading. In Case 28 the leader did not seek out opinions from the employees he was leading. He did not request feedback or hold staff meetings to address the issue he faced. His policy and memorandum appeared to be based solely on his opinion of how the Department of Health and Human Services should be portrayed and he only sought out employee information when he
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