A Letter For Those Who Suffer

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It ceases to amaze me of how the world can be seen as beautiful in the amidst of daily killing sprees, religious and political corruption, starvation, homelessness and greed. Within society it seems as though the concept of goodness relies on one’s ability to fill his own belly at the expense of someone else. This is our reality. A reality in which for many is an extremely difficult concept to grasp. And in attempting to do so one may feel like the target of eternal suffering. How can the divine(s), God create us out of love, yet let us suffer? How can one find happiness if one must forever endure suffering? A wise philosopher, Lao Tzu once stated “ Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty only because there is ugliness.” The ability to…show more content…
Consequently, Joseph endured many hardships until he was sought to interpret the dreams of his pharaoh. His interpretation enable the pharaoh to promote him within the kingdom. During the years of a great plague, he was reunited with his brothers. Joseph states “you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20) Although Joseph was forced to suffer by the hand of his brothers, God used his circumstance to promote him with society. He had become a blessing or reward to others because he had endured suffering. In this context, suffering is perceived a sign of upcoming rewards and a test of faith. Happiness is the product of suffering. As a result, those who suffer should rejoice because this is a sign that happiness is soon to come. The relationship between suffering and happiness are perceived by Christians to worked together to promote the growth of an individual spirituality, physically and mentally well being for the common good within society. Unhappiness is understood to be the lack of knowledge one has to the promises of God. As the great Siddhartha Gautama Buddha searched for the answer to his unhappiness in spite of his profound wealth, he created the Four Noble Truths. These truths are to be understood in order to end the suffering and reach the enlightenment within the Buddhist community. The first noble truth, Dukkha reveals that suffering is a universal
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