A Letter From The Fringe Short Story

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Approximately 20% of kids who are bullied stand up for themselves. They feel alone, and powerless, which forbids them from expressing their feelings. This relates to Dana, the protagonist and main character found in the short story, “A Letter from the Fringe” by: Joan Bauer. In the story, Dana’s group of friends were bombarded by bullies daily, yet they never did anything about it For three years Dana and her friend group, called the Fringe, dealt with the constant bullying. They felt impotent against the bullies, also known the ICIs. Eventually, Dana reached her breaking point, and wanted to find a way to express her feelings about the bullying. Using her vulnerable friends for motivation, and her stuffed koala for strength, she finally…show more content…
Brown once said, “Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.” The stuffed koala in the story has been standing by Dana’s side for a long time, so long that he can’t handle life on the bed like the rest of Dana’s animals- he’s close to falling apart (6). Although the bear, Qantas, is just a useless ball of fluff to some people, he’s a problem solver and a supporter to Dana. Qantas always seemed to show up when lost as Dana grew up, and he continued his legacy by showing up for her during a time of need. The stuffed bear symbolizes a special bond between itself and Dana. He acts almost like the key, opening the doors to Dana so that she can see a clear path in this sticky situation, as shown on page 6 when Dana states, “As I hold him now, all kinds of things seem possible.” The stuffed koala could also symbolize a shield for Dana, or a place where she can hide from the world and feel comfortable. For example, although the letter is aimed towards the ICI’s and the rest of the school, she tells the bear what she is going to say as if he understands her and has the power to revise it. Dana does this because she is shy, and possibly embarrassed about expressing her feelings. The stuffed koala bear, Qantas, helps her overcome this. Almost everyone has heard the saying, “The straw that broke the camel's back.” It means the amount of conflict someone carries pushes down on them until the final one forces them to reach their breaking point. Dana has to
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