A Letter From The Story, Meleager And The Boar

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I choose to write a letter from the point of view of Meleager 's mother, Althaea from the story, “Meleager and the Boar”. I choose this story because of the strong message of how significant family is to the Greeks and the ties between blood and loyalty. The emotions portrayed throughout the story of the conflict between Althaea and Meleager leads to a tragic end and allows the reader to understand the importance of family and how betrayal is not taken lightly even if you 're connected by blood. Betrayal is not easily forgiven and Althaea shows this through her actions of vengeance towards her own son for the deaths of her brothers. I really found it interesting how Althaea reacted to the news of her brothers’ death at the hands of her…show more content…
Excuse my poor manners dear reader, I haven’t been myself in quite awhile. Let me start from the beginning of this sorry tale. Only then may I be judged for my actions. My son, Meleager was just a few days old when I was visited by the ones we call the Fates. I held my son close to my breast uncertain of what my child’s fate would be. Would he be destined for a long and joyous life, bringing honor to the family name? Or would he perish in my arms, hardly catching a glimpse of this miraculous gift we call life? One by one each sister foretold how my beautiful son would become a heroic and a brave man. My heart swelled with pride as I heard the great deeds my own blood would accomplish in the future. But my pride was quickly replaced with horror when the last sister spoke of how my little ones life was tied to the stick that burnt in the hearth. Once the fire consumed it, so too would my sons’ life be extinguished from this world. With haste I doused the stick with water, ensuring the life of my son was kept in safe hands, protected from the grasp of Hades. I knew I would do anything to protect my son. After all isn’t that my job as a mother, It wasn’t till years later that I understood what the Fates were telling me. I remember it clearly. My golden robes fluttered in the wind as I rushed to the temple to express my gratitude to the gods for my son’s fortunate victory against the great boar. But my happiness was not to last long, for then I saw the stiff remains

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