A Letter Of My Friendly Classmates

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Responding to the first assignment of English 1190, I wrote a memo of one of my friendly classmates. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to know and write about a courageous, friendly classmate of mine Taylor “Tay” Lambert. Through my interview with Tay, I learned about the life of a courageous, fun loving and smart women. Education:- Tay graduated from Lake View high school in 2014, after four years of schooling. Later on, she attended Macomb and decided to major in laboring delivery nurse. This is her second year at Macomb and she plans to transfer to Wayne state university after this year. Not only she wants to transfer to Wayne State but also she’s planning on living in the campus. As a teenager Tay always knew she wanted to major in nursing, but she never was sure what kind of nursing she wanted to major in. However after weeks of searching online about the kinds of nursing there are, laboring delivery nurse got her attention. Tay started searching about this major and she started watching videos and knowing more and more about this major. Finally, Tay decided that this is what she wants to do on everyday of her life in the future. Her love to babies and pregnant women also played a big role on her decision. Away from her interests in nursing Tay always thought that the idea of taking cooking class to learn how to cook sounds so much fun. On the other hand she always hated the math classes that she had to take in her high school years and the last year of college.
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