A Letter Of Protest By Martin Luther

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It all started with one man: Martin Luther, who out of anger, sent a letter of protest directed against the concept of indulgences among the Catholic Church. As with many events in history, all it took was one outspoken man to incite the feelings of thousands of others. These feelings about questioning the church had been building since the previous century, as the spirit of intellectual inquiry was one of the chief legacies of the Renaissance. The 16th Century became known as the Protestant Reformation, and was initially a movement aimed at reforming the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church; however, in the end it led to a division among the church and created quite an impact on a whole host of social aspects among Europeans. The Protestant Reformation led to changes in power for the rich, free thinking for the middle class, and stricter oppression for the poor. During the 16th century, there was a desire among the people for the higher clergy to be chosen based on morality and wisdom, rather than social status and wealth. It was during the Protestant reformation that these desires were fulfilled; the power of the rich upper class individuals was threatened, providing a greater opportunity for the middle class to become leaders. The development of questioning traditional authority contributed most to the start of the Protestant Reformation. Most individuals involved in the questioning of the Catholic Church were part of the Middle Class. The
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