A Letter Of Termination And On The Birth Announcement Of A Child

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Helvetica is all around us and it’s like oxygen, you have no choice but to take it in. . The appeal for a clean, professional, and timeless typeface is undeniable. From Fortune 500 logos, to local street signs, Helvetica holds the spot for most widely used font choice to designers and amateur designers alike. What made Helvetica so popular and, why, over 50 years later, does it still retain its popularity? Why does Helvetica work equally effective for both a letter of termination and on the birth announcement of a child? Typography which is the arrangement and interaction of letters on a page is influenced by culture, history, and technology. By exploring these three aspects in relation to Helvetica one will be able to get a better understanding on how Helvetica has come to be the superfont it is today.
During the 1950s a new design movement surfaced from Switzerland and Germany that has come to be known as Swiss Design, or more properly, the International Typographic Style. Marked by clean and clear designs the International Typographic Style remained a major and unswayed force for over two decades, and still holds a great influence on design today. There are few basic principles of Swiss design; asymmetrical organization of units on a mathematical grid, freedom from exaggerated claims of propaganda or advertising, and a use of sans-serif typography set in a flush left and ragged right margin configuration (Meggs 372.) Designers of the time believed that sans-serif…

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