A Letter from the Facebook CEO to the Board of Directors

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A Letter from Facebook CEO to the Board of Directors DATE: AUGUST 8, 2012 TO: THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS FROM:MARK ZUCKERBERG, COMPANY CEO AND CHAIRMAN Facebook Inc. Menlo Park, 156 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605 SUBJECT: CONCERN OVER THE PERFOMANCE OF FACEBOOK INC This is to provide a reply to the board of directors concerning their concern over the performance of the company in the recent past. The report provides a clear perspective over the all the issues that surround the Initial Public Offering which occurred on the first day of February this year and whose performance has not been at par with the hopes of the investors. The organizations strategy on restoring the confidence of investors in the organization, an effort which will take into account reinstating the value of the stock and consequently increasing their prices in a speedy manner, is also indicated here in. Additionally, considerations of the organizations long-term strategies and the ways through which risks incurred by investors is to be minimized are also addressed. Regarding 1st February 2012 Initial Public Offering, the IPO was indeed, as opposed to the expectations everyone as to be the soaring ship within the stock market, a disappointment to the investors. This was due to a myriad of factors that played within the market place: factors, which were not, to any extent, expected by the organization and all its shareholders. Plainly speaking, the offer has not performed to the expected

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