A Letter of Advice

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Com200 Interpersonal Communication
Prof. Sherell Harrell May 8, 2012

A LETTER OF AD I. Introduction A. In life we are typically faced with the ins and outs of communication in many relationships in today’s society.

II. Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal communication 1. Identifying effective communication. 2. Ways to gain effective interpersonal communication.

III. Recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behaviors, and perception. 1. Learning how affective words can be. 2. Using words to communicate effectively.

IV. Understand how perception, emotions, and
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Once you each recognize your strength and weaknesses, without criticizing each other, then a sense of belonging and compassion for each other can be established with one another.

Donald and Marshae, this next communication tip will help foil a lot of arguments before they even get started. If you all do not do anything else in this letter please listen to each other. Listening is one of the most important interpersonal communication skills that should be stressed in a marriage. The skill of listening to one another in a marriage is very important. Why is listening so important in a marriage you must be asking yourselves. Well the skill of listening to each other helps the person not just to hear what the other is saying but it also allows the other person in the relationship to consider the point that is tried to be stressed or conveyed. Within this relationship take the time to listen to your spouse’s thoughts and concerns about problems or situations within the marriage. As you guys do this do not just instantly agree or disagree with what your spouse has expressed to be a concern. Pay close attention to what is being said and asked of you do not just blow off the other person listening to only half of the conversation. When listening to your mate expressing a concern or fear, always be able to remember the details of the conversation that was discussed. Not always you are going to
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