A Letter to Amy Chua

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Dear Amy Chua:
I am a student who is raised by demanding eastern parenting style you described in your article “Why Chinese Mothers Are superior” and can easily find this kind of parenting style in China. As a typical Chinese mom, you demonstrate an general idea held by most Chinese parents that keeping working “makes the once not fun activity fun” with your own experience about enforcing Lulu to finish the task which seems impossible. And you also notice that children due to their mischievous nature “never want to work”, just as what your daughter behaved after several failures. When facing this conflict, you come with a conclusion that parents should intervene in children’s preference without any concession.
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You base your ideas on the assumptions that children are poor decision-makers and parents tend to make fair choice for them. However, you fail to recognize all factors. I admit at some point that kids may lack of self-discipline and they are willing tend to pick up easy assignment instead of facing difficulties. Sometimes they are more likely to do thing with whim. But it does not necessarily mean adults can always be right. On the one hand, parents like you will come up with more considerate thought; on the other hand, some parents are also inclined to make choices based on their own will. It is such a nature that parents want kids to retake the old dream they held in their own childhood. There is a strong feeling that parents want their kids to be what they once wanted to be. “forbidden fruit is the sweetest”, parents tend to think it is the optimal way for children to follow. Like my mother has told me that she wanted to be a violinist at the time she was young. She always sits beside me, describing the fancy of playing violin and how handsome and fabulous violinists are. Definitely, when I was eight, she sent me to learn violins as extracurricular activity. But unfortunately I let her down and finally found more interests in piano.

You may still say children are too young to have preferences. Whereas, parents will also not invariably have wise determinations. Even though they were correct, it is their own willing, not the
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