A Letter to the Governor about the Process of Juvenile Transfer

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The Process of Juvenile Transfer: A Letter to the Governor City, Date Dear Mr. Governor, Congratulations on your recent election as Governor of our state. While I voted for you, it has recently come to my knowledge, that a certain policy concerning Juvenile Delinquency has been promoted by your party. Having studied both the system and the topic for quite some time, I would like to share my opinion with you and invite further discussion upon the topic prior to cementing any future laws. First, what you propose, if I understand well, is that the state should enact a two-way directionality to the above-mentioned statutory landscape, whereby a person above the age of 17 could petition to have his/her case considered for adjudication in the rehabilitation oriented juvenile justice system if certain criteria can be clinically established. First, these criteria must include that the offender did not know that his or her actions were wrong and second; it must include the fact that the perpetrator did not have a sufficiently developed brain to internalize the short and long-term consequences of their actions. These words are taken, more or less, directly from the legislation that you proposed. The problem with this particular reasoning is that juvenile transfers have not been proven to have a positive effect upon recidivism, deterrence and rehabilitation, simply put. In other words, the state would have to spend money in order to trial and retrial these individuals, with
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