A Letter to the President

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Honorable Mr. /Ms. Presidents Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s a privilege to address this august gathering, comprising the world’s foremost leaders and statesmen, sitting under one roof as United Nations. Today, as I stand at this most exalting podium, I intend to talk of something which affects our existence much more deeply than politics and diplomacy. Let’s forget for a moment that we are here as politicians. Let’s not be diplomats for a moment. Let’s just be humans, and introspect. Most of us have come here with pre-meditated agenda to be pursued in the debates which would follow. Understandably and justifiably, everyone’s priority will be to further the interests of the country he or she is representing. But is there any delegation here which has on its scheme an item that seeks to redress the problems of a neighboring country? Has any delegation come to this forum with a strategy to counter poverty, or corruption, in a country which is insignificant in the global economic or political scenario? If we can be truthful for a moment, the answer will be NO. This speaks volumes about an aspect of the human condition – an aspect from which emanates the political, environmental and economic turmoil under which our world is currently languishing. Friends, love and care for others is the essence of humanity. All of us feel a natural, spontaneous affection for our parents, children, siblings, friends and relatives. As residents of a city,
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