A Liberation Psychology By Martin Baro

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“Washing one 's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral”(Paulo Freir). Throughout the book Writings for a Liberation Psychology by Martín-Baró mentions a variety of psychology warfare used primary amongst the lower class population in order to have control over them. To what extend can the book Writings for a Liberation Psychology by Martín-Baró, be used to establish community organizing or even creating a community in order to hold unity against the variety psychological warfare being used by the oppressors.

For instance Dr. Baro, comments “ Simply to assume that every vote has the same meanining is to ignore the mulitiplicity of causes that may lead a person to vote, and the multiplicity of motives that can be hidden behind a vote for a givne party or candidate.” (pg. 71). Through this section of the book, baro is bringing the idea of why people in El salvador feel like they have the right to go out to vote but not control of what votes actually get counted for. For starters the people know for a fact that the voting polls are being riged, however how can they develop consciousness in order to express themselfs towards their own community in order to detain riged polls? Dr. Baro comments on how historical memory could be one of the keys to making changes around you:

The hard struggle struggle to satisfy everyday basic needs forces the popular majorities to stay in a here and now without a before

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