A License Program Can Reduces Car Crash Rates

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Teenagers & Driving Studies have shown that the Graduated License Program can reduces car crash rates by 40%. The GDL is available in all 50 states. Since the decrease of teenage accidents have been declining some states are making the GDL a law in the state.
Car crashes are the number one death of teenagers, a lot of these deaths are by the use of technology and not buckling up. To begin, the National safety council reports that “28% of vehicle crashes”, are caused by the use of technology (Klass & Roney 5). Many accidents are caused by teens looking at their phones and the use of social media behind the wheel. If more stricter laws are set on phones in cars that percentage should fall. In general, the use of phones today by people is just about everyone and people should be more smart and not be using their phones while driving not just for their safety but others. Furthermore, the amount of teens that die in car accidents is “Four times the amount of drivers twentyfive to sixtynine”(Klass & Roney 3). Younger drivers do not buckle up as many other older and experienced drivers. The more young drivers that are taught what the real impacts of not wearing a seatbelt can cause they would probably be more wise. Generally speaking, some young teen drivers do not see the seatbelt as being important, when really it is the most important thing in the car. Better drivers education for young/new drivers should be taken into account, because it better educates drivers on how to…
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