A Lie Is Not Moral Or Ethical Value

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It is never okay to lie to someone. Lying is disrespectful. I believe, the purpose to a lie is achieving a goal at the expense of another. It holds no moral or ethical value. Human beings are entitled to be respect by others. A philosopher known as Immanuel Kant who established two rules called as categorical imperative under the deontology theory (Kant, 2008). Deontology is the obligation or duty to act (Mosser, 2013). The rules in categorical imperative are one should act in a way that maxims resulting in action being a universal law and act with respect (an action of humanity resulting as people being equals in an end not as means to an end). Therefore, lying is wrong. It is misleading to people with false information (Mosser, 2013).

Circumstances in which lying can make people happier than telling the truth is addiction, cheating, and personal desires. Personal desires can be small or big. I feel a personal desire is the preference in pleasure to self-interest (Mosser, 2013). My example is makeup. People have a desire or preference to wear make by self-interest. One specific product with makeup is lipstick. Personal, I do not wear makeup. Therefore, I would continue by saying “red lipstick is very bright and distasteful to me.” Consequently, I feel it is wrong to tell someone that the red lipstick they are wearing looks good. It is disrespectful to myself and the other party to lie about my preference or desires.

It is always a moral duty to…
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