A Lie Is What Kept Me Free

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A Lie Is What Kept Me Free Lies often overcomplicate situations by causing a person to have to continually tell more lies to cover up the original, when he or she could have just told the truth in the beginning. However, the problem is that the other option is not always so great either. The truth is perfectly honest, and that can cause one to get in trouble. I believe the main reason why we, as humans, lie is to protect ourselves and to protect the things for which we have much affection. Once, I had told a lie to keep myself from getting into more trouble than telling the truth would gotten me. This lie protected from losing what was the most important thing I had at the time, my freedom. This is the story of the time I lied to protect my freedom. To understand why I lied, it is primarily important to understand why I believe my freedom was at risk. I grew up in a sheltered environment in the sense that for a long time I was sheltered from much of the outside world and sheltered from making my own decision. For example, my parents believed that I wasn’t ready to sleep over a friend’s house, whose parents they had known for five years, until I was in high school. Due to this upbringing, I felt a severe lack of personal freedom when I entered high school. I believed that I would get more freedom when I turned sixteen and would be legally old enough to drive because I had always been a well-behaved kid. However around the time I turned fifteen, my parents began to argue

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