A Life Altering Moment For My Life

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Mother Nature was always a big and a respectful attraction to me, we come and are part of Mother Nature. I was raised at my grandmother’s farm in a remote village of my native country Peru. Food and livestock were available right there for us, as well as pesticides. However, there was no information about the pesticides’ side effects; schools and medical facilities were hours away from us. My family moved to the second largest city in Peru, Arequipa. My mother used to work at the hospital-Labor and Delivery Unit, when I turned 15 years old , I used to join my mother to her overnight shifts to observe. In one of these night shifts, a young 14 years old came to the unit ready to bring another human being into this world. This teenager was full term, no pre-natal care history and had ridden the bus to the hospital. This was a life altering moment for me when this young mother delivered a baby boy... a surge of questions came to my mind...who was going to take care of their health needs? Was this teen mom capable to take care of this baby or herself? What other medical conditions would this teen mom had? Was he going to get the education he needs? Would they get the support of the family? Right then and there he was just an innocent little person, who never asked to be born, but yet he was, and who knew what life was going to throw his way. I had just hoped that his future would turn out alright given the situation he and his young mother would have to face. At the same time,
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