A Life Changing Event For Women

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Labor may cause the worst pain a woman has ever experienced. However, each woman’s experience of the pains of labor are an individual experience regarding their coping abilities, sensitivity to the sensations of birth, and type of pain. Women also differ in their abilities to tolerate a higher sense of pain without distress whereas, other women experience high levels of distress that caregivers have deemed a moderate level of pain. Accordingly, some birthing mothers under value the pains of labor and are not equipped to cope with it. The process of delivering a baby is a life changing event for women. Childbirth is a natural endeavor. Women have been giving birth for thousands of years. A women’s anatomy and physiology is designed for the birthing process. According to Weatherspoon (2011), “Adequate preparation, education, and support for most women who desire a natural approach allows successful childbirth” (p. 44). Natural or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) methods also give the expecting mother an alternative to pharmacological interventions. Non-pharmacological interventions after often as effective as traditional pain medication, but without the side effects to the mother or the fetus (Sullivan and McGuiness, 2015 p. 20). CAM therapies are designed to help the birthing mother by having their body release endorphins, which are own built in pain relievers. These methods also help distract the mother’s pain aids in calming and relaxing her as she goes
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