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A Life Changing Moment - Short Story Blood splattered high on the walls from the force of the blows. Even though the screams of the two children had long since ceased, Linda kept stabbing and slashing, her breath rasping in her throat from the effort entailed, only as her strength began to wane and her mental state start to alter did she slowly become aware that she and the room were covered in nauseating, thick scarlet red blood and in the distance of her darkness she could hear the echoing wail of police sirens! She slumped back exhausted and began to sob, slowly at first, then like a torrential downpour. "How do you plead?" She barely heard the words, not even realising they were…show more content…
"What sweetie?" Linda's eyes met with the child's, her face was cheerful. "Can I have some coco pops please?" "Of course you can sweetheart, but you'll have to get them yourself, mummy's got a lot of forms to fill out" "Ok, thanks mummy." The child lovingly pecked her on the cheek and skipped off into the kitchen while Linda pondered on how something as simple as cereal could bring such joy to her young sons life, her mind then skipped to thinking about how unusually quiet her other son tom seemed to be. She rose from her and tiptoed into the living room, peering round the door frame she spotted a single red crayon but as she walked further into the room she was greeted by the sight of her youngest son sleeping awkwardly on their laminate flooring, covered in all sorts of delightful substances such as glue, paint and play doh. " Thomas Smith what am I going to do with you?" she giggled to herself and began the not so enviable task of cleaning up the little monsters mess. It was three days later and the trial was well underway, it had become obvious to Linda that she was going to be made out to be someone who had suffered from mental problems from a young age, even though it wasn't the truth, only she knew the truth, but they weren't interested in the truth, as far as they were concerned she was going down. They had called one of
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