A Life Changing Moment That Happened

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A life changing moment that happened to me was when I read a book cover to cover in just three days. In all honesty growing up I never enjoyed reading. Instead I always wanted to play outside with my friends. Every day I would come home from school and dart right back out the door so I would not miss anything. We would play a variety of sports like football, baseball, and basketball. It did not matter which we would choose. All that mattered was that I was not stuck inside my house reading. As a matter of fact in school I was not much of reader either, so I only read as much as I had too to complete an assignment. Then one day I was called down to the principal’s office during my senior year at Slippery Rock High school to have a chat with Mr. Jeffries, the head guy in charge. Little did I know that this visit to the principal’s office was going to change the way I looked at reading forever. Mr. Jeffries called me into his office to tell me that I had violated the parking agreement at the school. He informed me that I was going to punished by being sent to Alternative Learning Center or ALC. I could tell he was not happy with me. I tried to leave his office as quick as possible, but he kept going on and on about me learning how to be responsible. Then he gave me the best advice I have ever received to this day. Mr. Jeffries told to me to take a book with me and I might learn something. In other words, that last bit of advice from the principal saved me from three very
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