A Life In Mitch Albom Tuesday's With Morrie

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In Tuesday's with Morrie, Morrie is a former professor who taught at a college in Brandies, Massachusetts. He is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and has a short amount of time to live. Mitch Albom a former student who favored Morrie as a professor took almost all of his sociology classes. One day he watched a television interview with Morrie on it. Mitch promised to stay in touch with Morrie but hasn’t. Mitch feels that his life is missing something. Mitch and Morrie reconnect and they start having deep conversations about life, love, happiness, death, and more. Morrie had a profound influence on Mitch’s life in his college life. Mrs. Hejlik had a profound influence on my life, so I interviewed her to get to know more about her life.
Mrs. Hejlik full name is Jennifer Hejlik, Her maiden name is Jennifer O’brien and she is 38 years old and is married. Mrs. Hejlik and her husband met in college. Mrs. Hejlik went to highschool at Lutheran High School. She attended Southeast Missouri State University to get her Bachelor’s Degree and Fontbonne
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Mrs. Hejlik says that she feels like her husband is the most dependable and compassionate person in her life because he is always there to take care of her when she needs him and he always listens to her when she needs to talk. She says he is her heartbeat.
Jennifer Hejlik is mostly a happy person and gets along well with others, especially her students. When Mrs. Hejlik is stress she likes to run, sleep, or do puzzles. Enjoying the simple things in life that make her smile, not getting too caught up in the negativity around her, and focusing on being content with what she has makes her happy. Jennifer Hejlik had mostly a happy childhood and some of her best memories were spending Christmas with her grandparents, going out to her grandparents farm, and school trips to Washington DC, Colorado, and
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